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overseas mission by submitting relevant documents and forms. “Fantastic company, great holiday and amazing service when it all went wrong” When the world opens up again, Selective Asia won't just be my first port of call, they will be my only and I would urge anyone to support this superb, small and ethical company, “Fantastic trip to Indochina” They are essential for anyone doing any cycling, though, while for scooter riders, you’ll want to get one of the high quality long raincoats available at any scooter supply store. Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Taiwan. Given that the Taipei City event can only be viewed online and on television, I would assume that the 2020 Bitan races may be cancelled. June also has one of the highest volumes of rain of any month of the year in Taipei (325mm), even though the summer typhoons haven’t arrived yet. Read all reviews, “Another fabulous trip” “Choose Selective Asia for a perfect special holiday.” The temperature and rainfall increases during the summer months of June through to September, with typhoon season traditionally occurring during the month of September. This is even the case when the long weekend comes at the beginning of June, although on the 2020 calendar, the long weekend will actually come toward the end of June, so it is guaranteed to be sweltering. My advice here is no different than what I said for Taipei in June. 2020 note: The 2020 Dragon Boat Races will take place on June 25 and 26, but viewing the races from the riverside park will not be permitted. Would , and have already , recommended Selective Asia to others. The logistics worked like clockwork, the guides and drivers were always there when they were supposed to be and were very helpful and informative. You were here before, what did you see then. From the time I first contacted Selective Asia, when I had a very useful conversation with Aaron about the type of trip we had in mind, to the very end of our holiday and return home, they provided excellent service. We would definitely recommend Selective Asia. The SelectiveAsia team managed to get us from the middle of the borneo rainforest to KL and home within 24 hours, were constantly in communication throughout. Foreigners can even make or join teams and apply to participate in the races. Taiwan has the "Tropic of Cancer" line and there are interesting events at 嘉義, 花蓮 etc. 18 March, 2020. June is in the summer in Kaohsiung and is typically the 4th warmest month of the year. Firstly how strange it is to review a holiday company for a holiday you never got to go on! To try to save him, locals raced out in boats and threw rice into the river to dissuade the fish from eating his body. “A wonderful holiday incorporating the richness and diversity of India!” Go sightseeing early, and plan to rest or enjoy indoor activities in the afternoon. The climate in Taichung during June can be summarized as hot, humid and very wet. Daytime temperatures are usually a pleasant 5-7 degrees cooler than in lowland areas of Taiwan, while at the night the temperatures can easily drop to the mid-teens. Because Taipei sits in a kind of bowl, it seems to trap humidity, not to mention the additional heat absorbed and released by the concrete jungle itself. For peace of mind when booking your future holiday to Asia, we have introduced flexible booking conditions & full financial clarity. Monthly calendar for the month June in year 2020. Visiting Taipei and Taiwan in June 2020 | Spiritual Travels The monsoon lashes the coastal city with heavy rain and thunderstorms occur frequently. As of 1 November, there are 558 confirmed cases in Taiwan, including 7 deaths and 518 recoveries. In fact June is the wettest month of the year in Taiwan, especially across Tainan, Kenting and the southern regions. Among our chosen destinations (see below), the average temperatures you'll face in June would be between 27.0°C and 33.0°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 23°C and high as 37°C as observed in previous years. Think thin, loose, comfortable clothes. Frequent communication, listened to what we wanted offered advice when asked for. In general the best time of year to visit Taiwan is considered to be from October to April, when weather conditions are typically dry and warm across most of the country. This is the origin of the dragon boat races and the eating of zongzi (rice dumplings steamed in bamboo leaves) during the festival. Daytime temperatures usually reach 30°C in Taipei, Taiwan in June with high heat and humidity, falling to 22°C at night. Taiwan From June 29, 2020, foreign nationals who wish to travel to Taiwan for reasons other than tourism and regular social visits may apply for a special entry permit with an R.O.C. Spectacular festive boat races in Taipei, Lukang and Kaohsiung commemorate the attempt in 277 BC to rescue Chu Yuan, a patriotic poet, from drowning. Weather: Summer starts from June. Get the monthly weather forecast for Taichung City, Taichung City, Taiwan, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. 24 November, 2019. Don’t let the volume of rain scare you off; the late afternoon showers help to cool the city off a little. Read an overview of the climate. For every major event that I mention in this article, you should expect that it could be cancelled or postponed, and I would strongly suggest confirming before making any travel plans in Taiwan in June 2020. 11 February, 2020. While we were already very happy with the holiday, it is times like this when you realise why local travel agents are so important! The annual average temperature is a comfortable 22 °C, with lowest temperatures ranging from 12 to 17 °C (54-63 °F). Unfortunately, the weather conditions is worsening than the previous month since in may there is an average of 6.7in of precipitation … The hotels he suggested were perfect and he was always honest about what would be the best place for us to be. The main reasons are that the spring plum rains often spill into June, while the increase in heat and humidity in June often comes with heavy (although usually brief) late afternoon downpours. The real event of the month in June in Taipei, however, is the Dragon Boat Festival (duan wu jie or 端午節). Because Taiwan is a relatively small island, the ocean breezes have a cooling effect so it never feels too hot. The enormous sand sculptures are quite impressive, so I highly recommend paying a visit! They don’t just provide an excellent trip but take the trouble to really get to know their clients and can make recommendations and suggestions that will enhance an already great experience. Taiwan Tour Package in June - Book a tour to Taiwan in June with TravelTriangle and experience a mystical vacation in a spellbinding location Flights 1800-123-5555 Use Klook to get discounts and deals on travel throughout Taiwan. A carefully planned trip through North India personalised using quality accommodation transportation and guides. The team have an excellent knowledge of each destination and do include unusual and interesting details to the itinerary which allows for a rich experience of the culture and daily life of the country in question. The Dragon Boat Festival takes places on the 5th day of the 5th month on the lunar calendar (Thursday, June 25, 2020 or Monday, June 14, 2021), around the summer solstice. The monsoon has a significant influence on the climate as also the proximity of the South and East China Seas and the Pacific Ocean. June is a great time to visit the other offshore islands of Taiwan, including Green Island and Orchid Island. This monsoon will also bring major rainfall to the central highlands in June, so trekking in the region is best avoided this month. I went to Mango festival at a park near to 台南. If you enjoy hot summer weather, you will probably enjoy Taipei in June. The daytime sun is fierce and oppressive, you WILL sweat a lot (bring extra shirts in your daypack if you’re prone to sweating), and the temperature only seems to drop by a few degrees at night (the average low temperature in June in Taipei is 25°C or 77°F). The itinerary is created together with you and hotel and activity selections being tailored exactly to our needs. June 3 – Opium Suppression Movement Day. We will now ensure every trip we make to Asia is with this company. Dress for summer when visiting Taipei in June. Going barefoot is never acceptable anywhere in Taiwan except on the beach. What do you want to do, Taiwan is a big pace for RnR. Always willing to answer any little question. Climate in Taiwan in june Climate in Taipei in june. Aim for materials that are thinner and dry easily if you are like me. June is the start of summer in Taiwan, so it is important to stay properly hydrated, protect your skin, and avoid spending too much time outside in the midday. June is the end of spring and beginning of summer in Taiwan. Hotels were expertly chosen and perfect for us. Taiwan: Manufacturing PMI rebounds in June July 1, 2020 The manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), reported by IHS Markit, rose to 46.2 in June from 41.9 in May, thus pulling away from May’s 11-year low reading. In the month of june, the mean temperature in Taipei is 88°F (maximum temperature is 90°F and minimum temperature is 85°F). We have travelled with Selective Asia a number of times and we keep coming back and will continue to! Please note that the high alpine areas like Alishan do get cold. The weather in the other major cities of Taiwan in June is almost identical to that of Taipei. As a result of the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II, the island of Taiwan was placed under the governance of the Republic of China (ROC), ruled by the Kuomintang (KMT), on 25 October 1945.Following the February 28 massacre in 1947, martial law was declared in 1949 by the Governor of Taiwan Province, Chen Cheng, and the ROC Ministry of National Defense. Conclusion: Is June a Good Time to Visit Taiwan? The event of the month in June in Taiwan is the Dragon Boat Festival, which in 2020 comes toward the end of the month and will be celebrated over a four-day long weekend. Overview of holidays and many observances in Taiwan during the year 2020 We came up with a fabulous itinerary with beautiful, individual places to stay and interesting places to visit. There are normally 6 hours of bright sunshine each day in Kenting in June - that's 46% of daylight hours. June is a great month to hit the beach in Taiwan; head there in the morning or early afternoon to beat possible rain. The approaching typhoon season draws surfers to the surf hotspots of Jin Shan and … Post Quarantine Support: Once back in the UK unlike many of the big tour operators Selective managed to refund a significant portion of our trip which meant insurance paid out on the rest quickly. Clothing: Wear summer clothes such … Nick and his team were doing everything they could for us and while we were happy with the holiday before this event. Excellent from enquiry stage to arriving home. How hot is it in Taiwan in June? Taiwan Weather in June. In Yangmingshan National Park, the dormant volcano massif adjacent to Taipei, the blooming of the calla lilies comes to an end in mid- to late-June, so it’s your last chance to catch this annual spectacle. They are excellent from the booking service through to their absolutely exceptional guides and staff in country! Absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to explore Asia. “A holiday which we will remember forever. At Fulong Beach, one of the best beaches in Taiwan, the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival continues for the whole month. Finishing at a fantastic beach resort. See here for more ideas on things to do around Taiwan and how to plan your Taiwan itinerary. How sunny is it in Taiwan in June? Watching the races probably won’t hold your attention for too long, but it’s a good excuse to get out and enjoy some daytime beers by the river in the sun with friends. They carefully listen to your requirements and needs, add a considerable amount of value with their experience and knowledge of the location, then craft you the perfect holiday. Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month How hot is it in Kenting in June? To find zongzi in Taiwan, watch for bundles of them strung up at the fronts of simple local eateries; they need to be steamed before being eaten. Roll on to March and with 3 weeks to go - everything changes in the world and Coronavirus changes the game. Teams come from all around the world to take part – and to eat tzungtzu, rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. Inflows in June reached $3.3 billion, the fourth-highest total in the past five years and the most in Asia, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 12 March, 2020. Horrible experience as we lost our dream holiday to Vietnam but this wasn't Selective fault and they did they best to help us. … Since you are likely to face short periods of intense rain, an umbrella is pretty much essential, and can easily be purchased in Taiwan if you don’t want to bring one. “A comprehensive, informative, personalised, enjoyable tour of North India” 18 March, 2020, Great organisational skills and extremely responsive and supportive when airline cancelled one of our flights 24 hrs before we departed, “An exceptional business from start to finish.” Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Taiwan ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Taiwan ☀ Weather forecast for Taiwan in June ☔. It’s the tiny details that can make the difference between a good holiday and an amazing experience. Since June is the first month that you will have to really be careful about the extreme heat in Taipei, I personally advise starting early and doing your major outdoor sightseeing in the morning. To get there, take the MRT to Dazhi Station on the brown line and walk across Dazhi Bridge. This is where things could have gone wrong - but I can't fault Andrew at Selective. June will surely appeal to anyone who loves the heat and subtropical summer vibes, with the added advantage that you can beat the summer crowds and typhoons. Dress for heat and come prepared to get a little wet, but keep in mind that the rain is unlikely to ruin your trip. June is a hot and wet month in Taipei with an abundant 325.1mm (12.8") of rain in the space of 14 days. on summer solstice day. Overall, June in Taipei and across Taiwan is a great time to enjoy the subtropical summer vibes before the crowds and typhoons of July and August hit. “Excellent repeat service” Save you siesta time or indoor activities for the afternoon, then head out again around 5 PM to tour Taipei’s famed night markets and enjoy the city as it comes alive again in the early evening. Taiwan June 2020 – Calendar with holidays. Our UK-based Destination Specialists have travelled extensively in Asia and, combined with our local office expertise, we have all the know-how to steer you on the right path. Excellent from start to finish. I actually went to multiple bespoke agents and Selective were the only ones who stuck to budget, considered who I was travelling with (2 young children) and actually listened to what we wanted out of our trip. Other tour companies could learn a lot from Selective! Absolutely would recommend this company. June is a hot and rainy time for sunbathing in Kenting National Park.June is an excellent month for swimming in Kenting National Park with very warm sea temperatures. Spiritual Travels is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. At least the sun always sets early in Taipei! This was our third trip with Selective Asia and it was just amazing. For unique travel ideas and an insider's eye on all things Asia,subscribe to our InspirAsian newsletter, Thank you for signing up to our InspirAsian newsletter, An error occured, please try again or contact us if the problem persists. This means you can surely expect some rain if traveling around Taiwan in June, but at least know that with such hot weather, the rain is often a welcome reprieve. Similarly, Tainan gets the second highest volume of rain in June compared to any other month. Daytime temperatures usually reach 31°C in Kenting in June with very high heat and humidity, falling to 24°C at night. Eventful provides the most popular Taipei events, concerts, movies, comedy, nightlife, family events, and more. Just make sure not to visit during or immediately after heavy rains, as landslides are common and can take lives. It is expected that tourists will be allowed to enter the country again from October to December of 2020. Weather you go temple hopping in Taipei, strolling around funky Ximending and historic Dadaocheng neighborhoods, or hitting the major sights on my proposed 5 day Taipei itinerary, morning is the best time to do it. very responsive to personal goals and requests. Go for a soak at a hot spring in Xinbeitou (from USD 166.0) Beitou Park. Weather in Taiwan in June 2020. Taroko Gorge is pleasant to visit in June; it doesn’t seem to be quite as hot as in Taipei. Booking: a pleasure working with Maryisa to exactly specify the trip that meet our exact wishes and needs. 13 March, 2020. (As an Airbnb associate, I earn a small commission if you book through this link, at no extra cost to you. Taipei has a humid subtropical type of climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) with hot and humid summers and short and dry winters. Join Airbnb here and you’ll get up to $50 off your first stay!). Quarantine Support: There was nothing that Nick or the team could have done about this it was simply the Vietnese overnment being ultra cautious. GT was just slightly lower than those two with a 95.7% score. In the south it feels hotter with temperature hitting 30 °C (86 °F). June is in the summer in Taichung and is typically the 4th warmest month of the year. You can always. There are normally 6 hours of bright sunshine each day in Taipei, Taiwan in June - that's 40% of daylight hours. Some of the best can be enjoyed in Lukang (Changhua County), Nantun (Taichung City) Zhunan (Miaoli County), Dongshan River Waterpark (Yilan County), Liyu Lake (Hualien County), Anping Canal (Tainan City), Donggang Harbor (Pingtung County), Magong Port (Penghu), and on the Love River in Kaohsiung City. He has kept us informed every step of the way and his insightful advise has just reassured me that their are companies out there (unlike my insurer!) Head out again to enjoy the local night markets and cooler temperatures in the evening. “Absolutely Fabulous!” The approaching typhoon season draws surfers to the surf hotspots of Jin Shan and Baishawan in the far north of the island. The itinerary was perfect with plenty of time for thorough exploration of Angkor Wat and other very interesting temples, great excursions to discover village and town life with local interaction in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Things can go wrong and when something did, S.A. dealt with it very professionally. When I’m not writing or compulsively planning every detail of our next family trip, I’m most likely playing dinosaur or princess games with Sage & Lavender, my two kids. Independent Service Rating based on 283 verified reviews. From first contact to the trip itself, first class service from anyone you make contact with. Wear comfortable, breathable, summery clothes, protect your skin from the sun, and bring some extra changes in case you get wet (from sweat or rain). The itinerary was excellent, we had a really good breadth of experience in each country. Aaron worked hard to create an itinerary that would suit us, we were very happy with the hotels and tours they booked for us, and on the whole were more than satisfied with the local guides. 12 December, 2019. 18 May, 2020. Sign up with my referral link to get TWD100 off your first booking. Coming from Singapore , I don't think the heat will pose much of a problem to you. It is surpassed only by September (360mm). Once this was all confirmed we had access to a great app that had all the information required to make a stress free trip. This website is my full-time passion project. 4 May, 2020. The best place to watch the dragon boat races, which usually take place throughout the long weekend, is at Dajia Riverside Park (大佳河濱公園) in Taipei. There's nothing like a friendly chat with an expert to help you decide where your travels should take you next. Only those visiting high mountain areas may want to consider bringing a light jacket. Thoroughly recommend this company. Shorts for men and tank tops and short shorts/skirts for women and perfectly acceptable in Taiwan, even for visiting temples. In fact June is the wettest month of the year in Taiwan, especially across Tainan, Kenting and the southern regions. Learn more in my, everything you need to know about traveling in Taiwan. However, the arrival of the south west monsoon brings frequent afternoon storms that freshen the air for a short while. 1 June – children's day. Due to the current global situation, non-citizens and non-residents are barred from entering Taiwan as of March 19, 2020. Average lows are between 24ºC and 28ºC (72ºF and 82ºF) and average highs are between 27ºC and 31ºC (80ºF and 87ºF). The rain is unlikely to have any major impact on your travel plans (unlike summer typhoons). Cant recommend then enough. You can visit Penghu Island, Spend time in the South in Tainan, Chiayi, Taitung, Kaohsiung if you have enough up North. What to expect in summer : Hot and humid throughout Taiwan with thunderstorms and typhoons. Edited: 1 year ago Besides Taipei, many other cities in Taiwan hold their own dragon boat festival races. How sunny is it in Kenting in June? Find concerts for all your favorite bands in Taiwan December 2020 to June 2021, buy concert tickets, and track your upcoming shows. The climate of Kaohsiung in june is tolerable In june in Kaohsiung, the climate is wet (with 12.3in of precipitation over 17 days). It really was tailor made for our needs as a " getting on in years" group. Nick was always available day and night to answers questions and update us on what they were doing to support our early release. If not in the office when we sent a message always got back to us straight away. 30 April, 2020. Our Compact Taiwan holiday incorporates the essential highlights, offering a tantalising teaser of what the island has to offer. Anyone with an internet connection can sell you a flashy holiday but the true measure of any company is how they treat you when things go wrong - and Selective Asia have been faultless in a situation that was entirely blameless. 1 June, 2020. The holiday itself went like clockwork, guides and drivers were good and on-time. With increasing heat and humidity on the lowlands, high mountain resorts like Alishan and Qingjing Farm become desirable escapes in the summer in Taiwan. Vegetarian versions (there’s normally a hunk of meat and salted duck egg inside) are often sold from Buddhist vegetarian buffet restaurants. The climate in Kaohsiung during June can be summarized as hot, humid and very wet. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a steamy 31°C (88°F), whilst at night 24°C (75°F) is normal. This annual event is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals in Taiwan, along with Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival (see my guide to Taiwan in April), and Mid-Autumn Festival. Taiwanese operators are very strong in 4G Availability, the time users spend connected to 4G. Travel from Taipei’s modern metropolis, along dramatic coastal cliffs into the world’s deepest marble gorge at Taroko National Park, descending through tea plantations to the glimmering Sun Moon Lake. You should book a hotel in advance, but beware of some caveats when booking online for Bali. Sandals are great because they allow your feet to breathe; half of the city seems to be in flip flops in summer in Taiwan, so you don’t have to feel unclassy for doing it. Personally, I find Taiwan’s summer heat and humidity to be less oppressive away from Taipei and other major city centers. Mainly this is because the spring plum rains don’t usually affect the south of Taiwan until late May and early June, slightly later than in the north. Karl knew our time limitations and managed to create a great itinerary that allowed us to make the most of our time in India but also allow downtime to relax. Average temperatures in Taipei and northern Taiwan during June are in the region of 26-30°C and many locals head to the coast or to the hills of Alishan for respite from the heat and humidity. Besides the races, the festive atmosphere at the park usually includes some kids’ activities, and of course there are lots of food stalls to choose from. 18 March, 2020. The partners in the countries are equally amazing making the whole adventure very special.

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