Are You Using NFTs for Marketing? (Here’s Why You Should)


NFTs have myriad uses, some more run-of-the-mill, others sounding out of science fiction. One use somewhere in the middle is using NFTs to reward customers. To distinguish those most loyal to a company, brand, or group.

It’s the same idea as giving someone a punch card or tying their phone number to a rewards program. When someone purchases something, they also get an NFT. And what you can do from there is infinite.

You can have NFTs that offer discounts when someone has enough of them. You can have them work as trade-ins for free products. They can be tickets to exclusive events or meetings. If you’re about to launch a new product, an NFT can serve as the passkey to presale events. Imagine a new video game accessible a week or even a month early to those who bought the last release.

There are no more worries about forgeries or cheating for these offerings; the blockchain confirms the legitimacy of a token. You can mint at scale without worrying about the distribution of printouts or game pieces. And because you have visual control, there are many opportunities to put branding, flashy visuals, or other markers to ingratiate customers. You want them to be repeating customers, and spectacle can help with that.

And, finally, in that same vein, you also get publicity for the act itself. NFTs are emerging. Seeing those three letters inspires curiosity. People will talk about it—if sometimes only to ask how it works. It’s an attention economy. We may as well capitalize on it.

As I said at the top, NFTs sometimes seem like science fiction. But, as they become more commonplace and more prominent companies use them, their more mundane applications might help even the smallest companies.