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Quote of the Day
The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. – Rupert Murdoch
Small Business

How Big Companies Squash Small Businesses

Sometimes it’s tough to be an entrepreneur. You have to balance your time, organize everything you can, and deliver products to your customers. It’s an …

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What You’re Doing RIGHT NOW That’s Slowing You Down

The market decides whether your product is good. They decide it by buying it, or engaging with it, or how they review it on various …

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Veterans' Day

Happy Veterans’ Day From Napkin To Exit!

Imagine you loved something so much that you would devote your life to protecting it. That every day you decide to go above and beyond …

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How To Keep The Customers You Already Have

Imagine your product. It’s immaculate, market-breaking, utterly appealing. Your customers are buying it in droves, and you just can’t keep up with the demand. Profits …

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Tom Brady’s Getting Into NFTs And So Can You

Tom Brady, sports star, and now co-chairman of the new company Autograph, is bringing NFTs to new heights. This isn’t a surprise, though, as NFTs …

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Business Model

One Of The Best Business Models For The Modern Age

You can charge for solving a different problem than simple need. You can charge for a resource and saved time and do so in a …

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