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"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." -- Steve Jobs

How Storytelling Sells Your Product

Never underestimate the power of good storytelling. Stories are memorable, they are easily passed from listener to listener, and they can influence actions on a …

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How To Get People To Buy More Things From You

People claim they cannot buy your product, no matter the actual situation. A person will spend five dollars on coffee daily and yet won’t put …

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What You Need To Get From As Many Customers As Possible

I want you to take a small mental journey with me. It will illuminate some truths, I promise. Let’s say you did some market research …

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8 Household Names You Know Thanks to Kevin Harrington

You may not have heard of Kevin Harrington, but you know his work. He’s been a big part of your childhood and maybe even adulthood. You …

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Free Is Not The Enemy of Profit

If your goal is to make money, then making something free may seem like a ridiculous notion. Surely, giving away something that costs you is …

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Don’t Let Economics Get You

When you start learning about business, you’re going to hear all manner of advice about what you are supposed to do. You’ll hear a bunch …

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