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What should exist? To me that’s the most exciting question imaginable. – Paul Allen

Don’t Get Distracted By These Things

If you’re reading this, then you are likely an innovator, a self-starter, a person who always approaches business with a feeling of creativity and self-expression. …

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What You Should Already Be Doing (If You Want To Succeed)

You may have left school a long time ago, but your education is by no means over. The mindset of “I know how to do …

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How To Win Customers When You Can’t Lower Your Costs

The point of work, of getting good at business, is to pay for things so you can survive better. Earning money is not—in itself—important. It’s …

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How Storytelling Sells Your Product

Never underestimate the power of good storytelling. Stories are memorable, they are easily passed from listener to listener, and they can influence actions on a …

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How To Get People To Buy More Things From You

People claim they cannot buy your product, no matter the actual situation. A person will spend five dollars on coffee daily and yet won’t put …

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What You Need To Get From As Many Customers As Possible

I want you to take a small mental journey with me. It will illuminate some truths, I promise. Let’s say you did some market research …

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