portugal fires 2020 map

Forest Fire Alert Association. See ‘Associação Alerta de incendio Florestal /Forest fire’ for details. How we help How you can help. Date {{displayedDate}} Rapid Damage Assessment. The fires in Portugal received international news coverage thanks to the sheer size of the blaze and the number of personnel involved, while a dense “cloud” of smoke also formed over the Extremadura area of Spain thanks to the burning in Portugal. Human Settlement Layer: Protected Areas Layer: CCI Landcover: Forecasts. Current wildfire information can be found on the ODF Wildfire blog, the ODF Fire Statistics Database, or the National Wildfire Coordinating Group active large fires map. People near the wildfires in the area of Vila de Rei, Portugal. C. The period of maximum risk in southern Portugal is between 15 May and 15 October PLEASE DIAL 112 TO REPORT WILDFIRES AND ANY OTHER EMERGENCIES . Inquire at your Municipal Council or at 808 200 520.: It is PROHIBITED to make burning of piled-up waste without AUTHORIZATION.Register for the application. Stay at home swimathon. Fire Season. Select a date-range. The Fire and Smoke Map shows fine particulate (2.5 micron, PM 2.5) pollution data obtained from air quality monitors and sensors.Information is shown on both the EPA’s Air Quality Index scale, using the NowCast AQI algorithm, and also as hourly PM 2.5 concentration values. Reuters: Portugal forest fire death toll hits 19 17 Sep 2003 Portugal EC: Solidarity Fund: Commission proposes EUR 31.6 million for fire-related emergency measures in Portugal 27 Aug 2003 Active Fire Mapping News August 25, 2020: Due to temporary interruption in the near real-time data stream from NASA for Aqua MODIS observations, Aqua MODIS imagery and subsets are temporarily unavailable from the Active Fire Mapping Program website. Last 1 Day Last 7 Days Last 30 Days. Restrictions associated with the Wildfire Risk Class DURING the CRITICAL PERIOD Low Moderate High Very High Highest; It is PROHIBITED to do Extensive Burning without AUTHORIZATION.Register in the application. Stay tuned for updates on the future restoration of Aqua MODIS imagery from this website. "This fire season is expected to be above the ten-dozen-year average when it comes to the number of fires and areas burned in Europe," Janez Lenarcic, the EU's crisis commissioner, told a … For low-cost sensor data, a correction equation is also applied to mitigate bias in the sensor data. Map Options. Index. The fire maps show the locations of actively burning fires around the world on a monthly basis, based on observations from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA's Terra satellite. FIRE DANGER FORECAST: Source. The colors are based on a count of the number (not size) of fires … GlobalIncidentMap.com Amber-Alert Map HAZMAT Situations Map Forest Fires Map Disease Outbreaks Map Gang Activity Map Border Security Issues Presidential Threat Map Terrorism Event Predictions New ... PORTUGAL - Portugal On High Alert As Firefighters Battle Blaze: ... 2020 … Situation report: CDOS of Faro (the district command of emergency operations) will be at the Centro Escolar in Budens this evening at 8.05pm to give the latest ‘up-to-date’ information on how the fire/s are progressing.

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