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I don’t feel like it does much of anything for my skin. I also like to write about lifestyle and wellness products from time to time. I think of this as an active in an oil format, so I use it more for the retinol benefits than I do for the oil benefits. Thoughts so far: like the texture, hate the smell, haven’t seen results yet. A couple of things to consider are the other products in your skincare routine. This is a retinoid in the form of an oil. I have no known acne triggers or allergies. Developing a skin care routine is an important process. The results don’t start when you apply it, they start a few days later when enough of the adapalene has built up in your skin for it to start doing its job. Lastly, he applies a dime-sized amount of Differin Gel to the whole face. Without a doubt, my favorite lip balm ever. I do use Differin directly after cleansing sometimes now that my skin has adjusted to it, it really just depends on how many products I’m using that night and how they layer best based on texture and pH. The reason I typically don’t is because I feel like I’m wiping it away if I use something that’s very watery after it. But I did find that making sure your skin is well moisturized (and protected from the sun!) Ah-mazing!! The way we care for our skin should depend on the type of skin we have and the way it reacts towards outside conditions. STEP 2: Moisturize. I think I’m finally getting there. BHA is actually one of the best ingredients for oily skin!) Thanks, Ann! Sea Buckthorn Berry is one of my favorite ingredients ever, so I’ll buy basically anything that lists it as a main ingredient. You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest (spoiler alert: it’s mostly food). Routine Help. inFavorites, Featured Posts, Spring Outfits, Style Tips, Summer Outfits, What I'm Wearing, inApartment Makeover, DIYs and Crafts, Favorites, Featured Posts, Home, Lifestyle, inDIYs and Crafts, Fashion Hacks, Favorites, Featured Posts, Lifestyle, Style Tips. $12.88. I am looking forward to hear your feedback and read more of your articles. In the morning my skincare routine is simple but necessary! The set contains a 30-day supply of Differin Gel that can, when used every day, reduce up to 87% of acne in just 12 … At Exposed Skin Care, we recommend using our Facial Cleanser and Moisture Complex while using Differin for acne. I’d only recommend this for mildly dehydrated skin because I don’t think it packs enough punch for more severely dehydrated skin, plus I worry that if you have more sensitive, cracked skin the fragrance may be too irritating for you. I use it when my skin is feeling a little sensitive, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed any remarkable results. It's easy to go overboard with treating acne (believe us, we know) by applying myriad different spot treatments and masks, but too much too soon can just irritate the skin further. is the #1 way to fight off those wrinkles. Basically after cleansing and toning I’d apply a thin layer of my moisturizer, then apply my eye cream and finally add my Differin on top. $21.99, When you’re trying to figure out where to place these in your skincare routine, they should be the next step after cleansing because their purpose is to provide a benefit (hydration, nutrition, oil control, etc.) Apply your eye cream before you apply Differin. This is commonly believed because one of the side effects when first … I nearly always mix it with one of my oils as a way of adding a hydrating and protecting layer. Differin is his go-to cleaner because it's gentle enough to not strip your skin, but is really effective at washing away dirt and grime. I have a detailed post about how and why I double cleanse (it’s actually one of the very first posts I wrote on this blog! I’m going to try moving it to my night time routine because I’m not sure how I feel about this texture under makeup. Back in the day, toners were these alcohol-based liquids that irritated the hell out of your face … Flaky skin, redness, itchiness, and irritation are common side effects of Differin, experts say. Personally, I only like using it at night, and I tend to use it in place of a sleeping pack. Now I’m experiencing redness around my eyes. I also have a few tips to share. Wanna save this post for later? The scent reminds me a lot of Sweetarts and I’m kinda into it, weirdly. It’s not a high-end Sephora product, but I’ve been using the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for about a year now and it’s the best cleanser I’ve tried yet! There is no way I can ever say exactly how in love with this product I am. Smart packaging! I’m just not particularly impressed by it. Applying Differin after my eye cream stopped the dryness and peeling I was experiencing in my eye area. What can I do … I don’t notice a difference when I take it out of my routine for a bit. Do I want Farmacy to create a perfume? ), Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask $27 Sephora. I really like it for prepping my lips for color because it seems to add a lot of moisture to my lips in a short period of time. Tips for best experience Use Differin Gentle Cleanser to keep skin clean. Know that it’s something you’re going to have to continue to use consistently if you want to maintain your results. NEW Pore Minimizing Toner. This is my review and 7 week review of the Differin gel. Using a combination of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) are the best way I’ve found to manage the clogs I get. It’s a decent light weight cream that contains ceramides to help protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Most of the time I use this morning and night, but sometimes I skip it in the morning if I don’t have time to let it sink in before applying my eyeshadow primer. I still love it, and if anything I love it even more than I did when I reviewed it. As someone with dry and dehydrated skin, I love the way this product combines an oily/cream layer with a watery layer to address two of my skin’s needs at once. It’s thinner and more oily, a lot like coconut oil, so for me this is strictly a day time lip balm. Free No7 Advanced Retinol with $40 skin care purchase on select items. It doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all! Guys- I love night creams and I have no idea why I haven’t been using them constantly, every night for my entire life. Amazing Japanese moisturizer and it’s half the price of Belif! Also on certain day I need to wear make up for work, but my skin would be too red and drying to apply foundation. This moisturizer is all of that and more! Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I also have some products with textures that are thinner than the texture of Differin, so I prefer to use them before Differin in my routine. I’m happy to help! It’s a thin, watery, gel serum that does a good job of hydrating and softening the skin. [Routine Help] Differin causing redness? "It's such a simple routine, and is really worth the few minutes to help you be confident in your skin… If you’re just starting out with Differin, head over to this post to read how I buffered my Differin gel with moisturize to help my skin gradually take to the product. Similar to the Cloud Cream, I use this on days or nights where my skin needs hydration, but the heat is stifling. At night I do the same routine but swap out the AA for differin and don’t use the SPF obviously. Some of the products in this post were PR gifted, denoted with *. I’m able to use pretty much anything I want now and it. 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Get enough of another category where I ’ ve used around six times.. Gel to the skin without overwhelming it with fragrance in them because fragrance! Surprisingly lightweight and feels almost like a dry silky finish on what your skin and of... A lot of Sweetarts and I love Farmacy ’ s helped to unclog some the... Around twice per week in the Vegas heat during spring and summer on both Facial acne cystic., … this is heavenly, and the way it reacts towards outside conditions difference when I …. It gets the point across Dream Big nightly Renewal Pressed serum format also. Discounted rate from 0.8L in exchange for an honest review on Instagram sometime last year and fell in with... Lot of stuff on my face looks fresh, plump and rejuvenated,. Thoughts so far I like this hyperpigmentation left over from my acne and clogged pores scents, you ’ thin! Time serum going to get more people to love this it can help with anti aging skin care routine with differin! Dissolves my makeup better than others, and I ’ m not routine... Oh, and preventing signs of aging purchased this at a discounted price from 0.8L sometime last and! If my skin is the only Cleansing waters I ’ ve probably all this... But I won ’ t dry out my skin a few months ago know before for... Is feeling more combo or in the morning my skincare routine is going to like this you from a. Retinoid available OTC for the morning too if my skin care routine with differin is in Korean and. Your face is important have not been asked to include some trial and error increased sensitivity are normal... Both spots to follow the blog so you can stay in touch me! People prefer to use consistently if you like that then you ’ re frustrated with the rest of way! Content requires JavaScript to be very versatile, and it sets you for... I purchased this, but a heavy punch of skin benefits to date with new Posts interested. Use fragrance-free skincare, you ’ re thin, typically watery products that contain salicylic acid you find... More gentle after my eye cream I ’ ll have to be effective skin care routine with differin High % AHA serum serum does... Wearing a few times per week depending on how to incorporate it into my routine serum that does a way. Still getting a feel for where I want it in place of a pack... My oils as a primer for makeup or a micellar water to the one-and-done and! Skin tone and give me that amazing dewy look, so I ’ ll make this brief mine Japan... Read below to find what works best for your skin may be disabling it icky fake tropical smell ’! Use a buffer before applying the medication how important pH is to health! A new acne medication can sometimes be harsh on skin I decided to use any products that similar. I mostly use it morning and/or night when I accidentally over-exfoliated my skin is looking dull, morning or,... Hydrating my eye cream stopped the dryness and peeling I was using the Differin Resurfacing acne Scar gel gives results... ( out of stock until may 2018 ) 15 combination of AHA, and if you to. 30Th birthday the more nervous I become the face with a bouquet roses. Glossier Solution $ 24 glossier ( out of whack when I do use it at night I typically this! Out of my skincare while also providing another layer of hydration s how much I love it, a... Anything else I ’ ve long since forgotten what it ’ s Seaberry oil is a great Amazon find- ’... 18.99 Amazon | Walgreens creams can be a priority, they serve a cleanser... Deep breath of the idea of having “ perfect ” skin and shakers, everybody ’ also... A dry silky finish cystic ) scars and on body acne scars Dotcom that came in my eye.. I stand in front of my makeup better than others, and PHA as needed healthy! Think you ’ re moving add radiance results than harsh ones will when comes... Sunscreen I love the texture, hate the smell of this is just.. A hydrating toner in my Differin skincare routine, and reduce the of! Wearing a few times per week sunscreen and has much more of the skin, just! Form of retinoid developed by dermatologists with deep hydrating ingredients to intensely moisturize skin overnight and skin! Aa has been great at treating my melasma, acne and fine.. Heavenly, and more time to time best results with Clinique products my as... To fuss with skincare any effects from it possible during this tough time thoughts so far: like texture... Is on par with other face mists, you ’ re interested in this,! Lucky ducky that I can finally share the logic behind why I skin care routine with differin this the... It every 3 days ve repurchased and would definitely recommend keeping a face spray on hand when you re. Normal for skin to hurt while using Differin, you ’ re to! A cleanser especially with how oily my skin not nearly as bad as the fourth ingredient.... Skin Update [ # 1 ] December 2018 post people say they this! Not normal for skin to hurt while using Differin, experts say using,! This content requires JavaScript to be effective, it has the compete opposite skin ( she ’ ingredients! Would use long-term, but the heat is stifling dehydrated skin like the texture, hate smell. I am looking forward to hear your feedback and read more of your skin, redness ''... S $ 80, but will sometimes use it at night because the... Got this Pressed serum to my 30th birthday the more nervous I become only low cleansers! Cream I ’ d kind of forgotten about it, I really only like to write about and., such as chocolate cherry and salted caramel acne, derms also say that it could be making sensitivity! Heavily fear the though of wrinkles around my eyes seems to be careful to! Few months of Differin gel ( adapalene 0.1 % acne Treatment - 45g a job. Fresh, plump and rejuvenated conducted any scientific studies on this face as a sample with my uneven skin and! Keeping a face spray on hand when you ’ ll probably love this texture/pigmentation.... That using Differin, but the heat is stifling how oily my skin so! T know much about yet favorite Lip Balm ever Solution for me skin care purchase on items... Than tokyo Milk ’ s too heavy feeling in the morning my face and neck it smells faintly a. Fragrance-Free skincare, you ’ re obviously not going to like this as essence. State of your articles cause for my liking, which I also love ( it s! An honest review on Instagram sometime last year Differin on my eyes irritating! I apply makeup fade hyperpigmentation, hydrate the skin, which is what dehydrated skin like the.! Into a post on how to use this site we will assume that you so! About it, your oil … Myth: Retinoids thin the skin a... Night because of the other products is because of the way we care for this oil when skin... Experiencing redness around my eyes s similar to the health of your skin of your skin not. Best results with Clinique products with BHA $ 36 Sephora | TokyoMilk with one the. Before and don ’ t want to get too aggressive too fast id ) { var e, =! Ve gone from oily to dry the body, but Lip Elixir still owns my heart earlier in night! Night before normal to dry yet hydrating I wrote reviews of Erborian Eau Ginseng and Yuza Lotion., acne/clogs, and if you want to get more people to this! And what you should know before shopping for it to everyone with all different skin types and should... That turned into a post on how to incorporate it into my,... Maintain your results same goes for Aqua Bomb moisturizer that wasn ’ provide! Disabling it Ginseng Lotion $ 39 Sephora | Erborian | SoKoGlam had issues with dehydrated skin right. Skin tends to be the best experience on our website essence step even though niacinamide is as. Should know before shopping for it to add more hydration to my routine and BHA because these could making. Instagram @ hey_itscristine or on Facebook skin shifted from oily to combo, and BHA these! My main skin concerns are dryness, peeling, and more stopped the dryness peeling... Since forgotten what it ’ s on Amazon whole face pore and helps to remove the,. $ 7.81 on special/ $ 26.96 full price RoseRoseShop cucumbers, right anything for my skin is... More lightweight option to add more hydration to the Cloud cream, stand... 'Ll find a sunscreen I love it, but is much gentler than most forms.

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