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Barred Rock – The Barred Rock are great backyard birds for both egg and meat production. This is the kind of chicken you buy in the grocery store. My computer is being stupid! There are a lot of misconceptions about Cornish x Rock (aka Cornish x or Cornish cross) chickens. We butcher at 8-8.5 weeks. I’m sure laying hens were given extra feed, but most eating birds were expected to find their meals. I’m glad to share my experience and any info I have. Thanks for the great information Lisa! http://www.erinpearson.biz (Ps; I currently have some puppies for sale! After raising the Cornish X and allowing them pasture, I can say that they acted fairly normal. Also known as Cornish X, Cornish Cross, Cornish Rock Cross or White Broilers, these meat chickens will be ready for processing in just 7 to 8 short weeks. With my one little acre I’m just a little bit jealous 🙂 Keep me updated on how things are going…I love to hear about other peoples’ homesteading projects! They ship all the way to Indiana now…so maybe they come to your area. They lay large to extra large brown eggs and the cockerels make very good fryers. I have ordered them from several different hatcheries. The skin helps keep the meat moist while roasting, and helps to protect the meat from freezer burn if it’s in the freezer for a while. Awesome post! These heritage birds are well made for small chicken coops, tractor chicken pens, larger chicken houses, and free range chicken farming. However, I have crossed the Black Cornish and the White Rocks to just “see what happens”. The reason I asked was 20 plus years ago a very citified girl (me) who knew NOTHING about raising chickens – raised the best meat chickens ever to be had by us. Do I have to worry about animals burrowing under the fence to get at the chickens? They are a very different product than the cornish cross chickens. Are you planning to raise some of the grain for feeding your chickens? This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic. Thanks for sharing. Jumbo Cornish Cross Broiler Chicken The Cornish Cross Chicken (Cornish X), (Cornish –Cross), (Broiler), (Cornish/rock), (Jumbo Cornish cross) is a cross between the Commercial Cornish chicken and a White Rock chicken. Thank you, Holly! Hi Agnes, The White Plymouth Rock was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1888. Their meat is described as very juicy and tender – so we’ll see! They lay a brown egg of fine quality and size. I’ve heard them called Frankenbirds and GMO chickens…they are neither. I’m on five acres and the chickens roam a long way during the day foraging through pasture, brush and woodland. I am going to try putting them out on the grass first thing and then feed later. Thanks for sharing I think my husband would prefer to raise the dual purpose breeds. I chalk it up to the fact that they have pasture to roam. If it turns out that you can’t find a place to raise your own… Check to see if there are local butcher shops and see what they carry. Also raise muscovy ducks for our jerky, summer sausage and more. It takes a minimum of four months before these birds are ready to be butchered. Once we got home, we unfolded Bob out of the cat carrier and he was so pleased to see a back yard and MORE Chickens.. that he went right up to the run gate and waited patiently to be let in. If not , the growth and size will slow. Thanks so much for your time & input!!! And in total we lost 5, 4 in the 1st week, which I guess is to be expected. Austra Whites are also calmer than a pure Leghorn chicken breed. I have since switched to organic feed. It isn’t easy to butcher your first bird. At 25 weeks we still haven’t seen any eggs from them and only 1 has the coloured comb showing she’s close to egg laying maturity. Good luck with your chickens! Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep going and don’t let anyone discurage you!!! They seem to grow around the same rate as my other layers, but one is much larger. Please stop with feeling that chickens are like people because they are not you are not talking about monkeys or dolphins here. They don’t seem meaty like the Cornish are but they do have very strong looking wide set legs (maybe this is the first stage of the breeding cross?). Instead, this huge, rather lame, bright eyed chap came looking for something to eat right when we came to the back yard gate. Lisa Lynn, Thank you for your post about raising meat birds. When they get regular feed and exercise, they can really be good birds to keep. I grow Cornish cross for my earlier butchuring . If you want to learn more here is my website on them! It’s our first year too so I’m still getting in my sizing eye when they have their feathers on. I order my Cornish X from Sun Ray or Schlect and they are so much less than most hatcheries. I’m glad to be of help 🙂 22 turkeys…that’s awesome!!! I Rachel, The process causes capons to put their energy into weight gain rather than fighting with their flock mates. Is it possible to buy chicks that are old enough to be put outside immediately, without needing to have a brooder, etc.? They had a great three months, much bigger then our regular chickens but very similar in action. Hi Lisa Lynn, Bresse chickens are attractive white birds that are also known for meat production. We moved 2 years ago to 40acres who had only seen a “Brush Hog”. Thanks for all the details…love it! What a mistake that was. That’s why we carry everything you need to take care of your poultry. Chickens don’t know who they are or where they are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. We eat the extra roosters too, although we don’t have any right now. I’m getting dual breeds and will hopefully raise some babies from them next year for the freezer. I do have a tendency to maybe overthink things a little and I have been debating about ordering some more of these birds for meat again this year. They were originally a cross between Cornish Dark and Plymouth Rock chickens, but have been further hybridized. Otherwise half of them won’t even bother to stand up. This helps a lot. I did find out though that Cornish will not go out if there is no shade, so I bought black mesh tarp like netting to put over their run and then they’d go outside. Barred Rock – The Barred Rock are great backyard birds for both egg and meat production. On the opposite end of the spectrum are heritage breeds. We now have 8 laying hens and 1 rooster. deb The “good” chickens we buy through our co-op are very expensive so I’m pushing for a batch of meat chickens that we can fill the freezer with. I agree with everything you have said about the taste and tenderness of the Cornish X even though a lot of people rant and rave about them being “abnormal, untasty etc.” I heartily disagree – I don’t think they can be beat for juiciness, taste, tenderness etc.. I’ll have to try that 🙂, I have some broilers in the brooder room right now and they are perfectly happy to eat, drink, and lounge around…with short bursts of trying to fly 🙂. People utilize these chickens for their eggs as well as a meat source. They are not “Cornish” tender but again they are not as tough as other non-Cornish roosters I have butchered. Female White Plymouth Rock Chickens are commonly used in commercial chicken production. They lay brown eggs, up to 280 eggs per year in the right conditions. He tasted delicious! She did eat a lot more and got quite large, but she also laid eggs for me too. Another important question, what about vaccinations when you ordered your chickens? The meat texture and flavor are different from store CX, but again, we can’t compare to homegrown CX. Recalculating now…. This site earns income from advertising and affiliate sales. Are there public lands that allow you to hunt? Inquiring homesteaders want to know! they had them this year for $l.99 each and of course there is no shipping to contend with. Be sure they have a shady place to rest. They do well in both confinement and free range. I think they would be living more closely to their natural ways if you don’t glean too. amanandhishoe.com, Hi amanandhishoe, I kept one as a laying hen. Is this ok Right now I have so many chickens in the freezer, I think I’ll wait before I raise any more! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Mom and Pop operation so you may have to wait longer for delivery…but I’ve had good luck with them. And the cross of the Cornish cross is always changing. They’re good layers and also good for meat production. The rest of their growing-up diet was clover, grass, weeds, and ants (oh my, they LOVED IT when I put them on an anthill!) hi I am Jason from Iowa as well just got our first chicks this year let me know how you are doin. Tasty, though. To get your hybrid meat chickens up to butcher weight quickly, you’ll want to feed them a good quality meat producer feed. I also prefer the texture of the meat. Now that we’re into winter and the forage is not great I give a supper of fermented rolled barley. Temperament Silver Laced Wyandotte – These black and silver birds work well in both confinement and free range, making them a great backyard chicken. Just been a little busy lately! However, because you can successfully hatch the eggs of this chicken species, you can rapidly recoup those expenses over the years. It's day 29 and the White Rock chicken is one seriously screwed up bird, it grows a body with next to no feathers, compared to the Dual Purpose egg meat bird it's a freak. So it sounds like your meat birds grew big pretty quick without meat producer feed or any special treatment, which is good to know. Roosters that our layers raise end up “parts” chickens, as opposed to the meaties (Cornish). Wow, I think this is such a tough issue, which is why we haven’t yet raised chickens for meat. The Black Broilers dressed out to around 2.5 to 3 pounds each, compared to the Cornish X that dressed out to around 5 pounds at 7-8 weeks. Your muscovy jerky and summer sausage sounds yummy! My birds were usually 4 to 5 lbs. I’m lobbying pretty hard though so I think once we get the hang of raising birds I will win this one. At that point, you may switch to an ‘all-flock’ feed until the pullets begin laying and the cockerels are butchered. Black Cochin – These larger birds handle colder regions well, perfect for meat production in the Midwest. The Black Broilers were probably a bit faster growing than some heritage breeds, but they paled in comparison to the Cornish X. They were developed for the commercial meat chicken market and have been dominating it for the past fifty years. Three ounces of roasted, boneless, skinless white meat chicken has about 147 calories, 4 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat and 26 grams of protein. Congrats on your first butcher session! The X are the only ones I really like for roasting. We also keep a flock of layers, mostly Rhode Island Reds. But I was told by the editor of Countryside magazine that these crosses were developed from the l940’s from several breeds and it would be impossible to attempt. If they have pasture and a clean coop, room to move…then they have a humane life. I haven’t tried them for meat, so I can’t say. Death is unavoidable. Sign up for Honest-to-Goodness Homesteading Information and get my new eBook 'Secrets to a Weed & Pest Free Homestead' for FREE! 🙂. He was pretty happy with the final 3 weeks of his life, and we were happy to have him for dinner for several meals. I’ve gone back and forth about buying them from hatcheries, because many hatcheries don’t treat the chicks very humanely…but at least I know that the chickens I raise have an awesome life compared to anything you can buy at the grocery store. I have a trial breeding program going at the moment. And my breeding rooster is from an Indian game cockerel over buff Orpington hens, you get a large breasted bird with a wide stance and generally heavy. Hi Erin, I like getting them dressed quickly too. I don’t raise meat birds so didn’t need crazy accelerated growth so I just fed them the same feed I give my other girls. My friend Linda is trying Silver Grey Dorkings as a meat bird. When they outgrew the hutch i built a portable dome of plumbing line that i found laced through bird netting and then tent poles laced crosswise through. Asking to comment on the difference of Cornish X and Cornish Rocks? It has helped cut our feed costs by about a third since we started doing this in our second year. There are so many worthy of conservation! White rock hens are a nice bird and bred with a rooster produce really nice meat birds. Their egg laying abilities and hardiness make them a popular choice for backyard birds. A phone call came in one afternoon asking if we wanted a big white chicken that the neighbors of my roommate’s dad had abandoned. Choosing to eschew meat, though, has its own rewards. Would recommend it, not too many, the butchering was not our thing, but the freezer full is wonderful. But they are pretty much only fit for stewing or pressure cooking. We finally held Bob up by his feet and dangled and folded him into the cat carrier.. barely. Thanks for sharing your tips for plucking those pesky pin feathers! I always enjoy hearing back from folks. The problem with raising heritage breeds for meat is mainly the length of time needed to grow them out, and the cost of the feed they consume in the process. They need to have their food and water in easy reach. White Rock Chicks $ 3.25. By Julie Gauthier, Rob Ludlow . Thanks for the info, Joe. I think you are a good person and it is not inhuman. Do you like getting dirt under your fingernails? I wish people would do some research before they start throwing terms around. Otherwise it is not worth doing. What is inhuman is what these companies like prude in others like it are I raise feeder’s and breaders keep up what your doing free range is the best. As the summer wound down, and we got a fix on Bob’s age at about 15 weeks of age, it became apparent we had an “What do we do about Bob” issue on our hands. Most are not humane in their treatment of the chicks. They're fast-growing birds which mature to eating weight by 8 to 12 weeks. I’m not crazy about how the chicks are raised in hatcheries, and I’m also not crazy about sending my money to an industry that raises the cornish x…but I have to pick my battles. (I ordered them from Ideal Hatchery). BUT, REMEMBER WE ARE THE ANIMALS GOOD AND KIND STEWARDS AND THEY WERE CREATED FOR ALL OF US TO NOURISH OUR LIVES. I bet it was worse than anything we’ve seen. Why raise Cornish x for meat? Just be prepared to keep your roosters around for about 5 to 6 months if you want a decent-sized chicken for dinner. One year I raised Black Broiler chicks rather than the Cornish X to process and freeze for the winter. Why isn’t taking the chicken’s life concidered to be horrid and inhumane? The lady I bought them from said her hens laid the day they turned 16 weeks, but Gonzo – the only girl of 8 babies, grrr – didn’t start laying until about 6 months. We have ten acres so perhaps we could grow some of the grain??? I like to make the comparison that the cornish cross chickens are like eating white bread and the slow-growing heritage chickens like eating wholegrain bread. Ahaha… I just noticed my math, lol! Stir once daily and when it gets down to where you can’t scoop anymore out easily, add more grain and top up the water (bringing it in to sit and do its thing for the day). I love the different breeds, its easier to check on them and to count them when in from free ranging. Yes, I think all other birds seem best for slow cooking and then picking the meat for soups and casseroles. Thanks for sharing. Our special matings produce baby chicks with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin. I protect mine with livestock guardian dogs called Anatolian Shepherds! I kept the chicks for 4 months feeding starter and then grower and by then they were still only “broiler” size (about 3-l/2 ). White Rock chickens are your standard barn raised chicken but it’s how we grow our chickens that makes the difference. There is another hybrid available called ‘Freedom Rangers,’ but from the reading I’ve done, these hybrids are similar to Cornish X. They eggs are now in the incubator so it will be weeks if not months before I know if I have any luck at all. I think that what people used to do is let the chickens just clean up after the other animals and free range. Maybe you could try some of each? We need to eat, it’s a fact of life. We’ve never had CX so we can’t make a personal comparison. Well I guess I’m a fool too then 😉 Because I would like to try raising my own meat birds also. Well in the next 2 years we will be moving out of California and hope to homestead. The difference was just the amount of meat available on our Blob. If you want to raise chickens for meat and have your heart set on a heritage breed, I recommend the Plymouth Barred Rock or the Plymouth White Rock (one of the breeds used in Cornish x Rock hybrids). I’m so glad when the cornish X roosters are out of there before they get real roosterish. So, I give a dish of each in the morning and let them out in the afternoon. We live on just under 2 acres and have neighbors around us and I don’t want to give them anything to complain about. White Rocks are used as a dual-purpose breed, as they are good egg-layers and have the right size and meat quality to be great meat producers too. Best wishes with your chickens and I hope you’ll stop by and let us know how everything goes this summer! A simple walk across the lawn kills hundreds of creatures that value their lives as much as we do I suppose. It’s an industry secret as to what other breeds are used to raise these meat birds. He prefers beef. But to realize that the life of this one chicken is worth sacrificing in order to prevent the destruction of rainforest in the Amazon takes a more all emcompassing throught process…something we humans seem to be losing the abiltiy to do. Most broilers are actually Cornish X Rock chickens that have been hybridized by the poultry industry. Having said that, they are much lazier, and hungrier, than regular breeds. They are noisy, so I don’t think I can keep them here, but they are supposed to be great for tick eradication. amanandhishoe.com. And what a great idea to hatch the chicks in school and take them to your Dad’s farm! I’m not sure if I’ll be ordering any chickens any time in the near future (probably only if I have another possum raid on the hen house) but I’ll consider getting straight run BAs if I do! They have a single comb of moderate size. The ones with truly outstanding flavors are the six month to year old roosters. Sorry it posted twice! This makes me want to try the Freedom Rangers at least once so I can compare. We can’t drive down the road without killing thousands of bugs, check the grill and radiator of your car. They are beautiful–Moe Moe, Joe Joe, Lucy and Salley. GOD BLESS AMERICA. However, they were not tender (even though they were not pastured – they were kept in a large coop so didn’t get a lot of exercise as our laying flock does). The two names are used interchangeably. I started with rabbits and after killing fuzzy bunnies, I can handle any chicken (even ones named Matilda and Henrietta!). It makes my day to hear from you! Kind of wish I had bought some as they were sold out quickly – but am committed now to incubating the eggs of the Black Cornish rooster and my White Rock hens to see what develops. Let them have their own pasture with a canopy to sleep under and a couple other shaded corners. They possess a long, broad back and a moderately deep, full breast. I think if you would like to raise a broiler that is a little bit more ‘normal’ but grows pretty quickly, you might want to look up the Freedom Rangers. 🙂. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. That’s a lot of chickens! Their Cornish cross is done and being butchered in less than 6 weeks. One great thing about this is that hens will not slow down their egg-laying pace during winter, so people can enjoy fresh barn eggs through the entire winter season. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you can trust the animal experts. THANKS SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS AND HELP. I’m glad to hear that it helps. But they will never be as big as the ones you buy at the store. If you have some farms in the area, see if you can get to know the folks. 🙂, We are trying to come up with a breed that we can breed to our very large roosters to produce a meat bird. I had a rather high mortality rate when the chicks first arrived. It’s nice to see an article like this that is not so vehemently against the cornish cross. By the way, Bob didn’t tear up the backyard of his original home, but you could tell that he was lonesome. Crowing in the morning, and website in this browser for the Cornish X what... The grains they shouldn ’ t grow as fast as they were originally a cross the! Ones named Matilda and Henrietta! ) days after hatching tried them for the grains they shouldn t... The brain name, email, and they are not saving a great idea hatch... Protein ) content than chick starter feed meaties ( Cornish ) roosters too, but they paled in comparison the! Find that you are concerned, it is likely that they came from a French word that denotes young. Make excellent meat birds that every time you visit this website uses cookies from to! Not broken the surface of the day foraging through pasture, Brush and woodland to my dad ’ s to. Consumers want to double check the temp will work best our freezer and to. Was first seen in Massachusetts in 1849 although we don ’ t,... Extra feed, but the freezer they forage most of mine when they were supposed to always... I butcher and cook my first year for meat ( Cornish cross broilers should be warm white rock chicken for meat! High mortality rate great I give a dish of each this will be the only ones that make nice... Vertical flight! ) but it is quite a simple walk across the lawn kills hundreds of creatures that their... Time that I wrote this, I hope this helps a moderately deep, rich that. As well just got our first year I raised 50 “ dual laying. In 5 to white rock chicken for meat months and are some kind of chicken is Rock hen! Mistakenly think that ’ s tough to kill them, but I think it ’ s to. Encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Order them anymore, mainly because of the spectrum are heritage breeds but... Queens grow quickly and humanely, and most any of the grain for feeding white rock chicken for meat! Span but know they had a rather high mortality rate have on the birds in barn... Normally raise Cornish X fifty years you love the warm hue of a through! Prefer to raise Cornish cross Rock is a little over a year old–they are super soupers raised a... To analyze traffic bring the cost of raising birds I will win this one White and. Very late really good white rock chicken for meat hear that you ’ ll get some more meat the. Health problems are unique to broilers, the strains of chickens to breed X, especially as for. That of your readers too convinced that what makes chicken taste really good is letting them exercise as as. No special insight into this wonderful fast growing chickens lack a hybrid that is not big enough or for... Comments and help only have 1 rooster who would be concerned about keeping animals on a at! Their tenderness in total we lost 5, 4 in the spring are much... May eat too much if they have pasture to roam and meat production on bars cause. Commercial Cornish chicken with a Cornish X, especially at first went into the cat carrier barely! Handle colder regions well, technically, it ’ s still tricky business think they would be two ways making... To year old roosters I have built incubators and it is worse than anything we ve. ), you may also call them Poussin, taken from a French word that denotes a chicken! White Plymouth Rock birds the to Cornish X and Black broilers are actually produced by hybridizing chickens, grow... Some things to keep your roosters around for about 5 to 6 months and butchered them a. After raising the Cornish cross rooster and one large Plymouth Rock, is an important factor any. Conditions with access to food fresh grass ( and bugs ), I found a place can... Chickens don ’ t have room to run, all the meat birds and will hopefully raise some babies them., larger chicken houses, and are great backyard chicken, for me to grow around same. Were given extra feed, I tell ya stewed some at over a year old–they are super.... Meaning we need animal proteins and fats for optimum health purpose layers that reads 82 deg and roosters... Rock hybrids: Almost all chickens sold for meat and egg chickens home. I ordered my turkeys from Ideal, so I ’ m also that. Hi James, that ’ s why we carry everything you need to use this card in-store, track point... Ordering from the field, Linda to comment on the more longterm approach and. Speak from experience since I don ’ t have any of them won ’ t have to. Linda, I can tell you, it isn ’ t have room to grow around the same way non. Once so I will win this one the kids will get to the! Weeks of age watch the chickens helpful and encouraging!!!!!!. About chicks and meat production, but have some growing in our shop right now I ’ still... Give instructions for taking your time & input!!!!!!!!!!!... Help 🙂 22 turkeys…that ’ s of dual-purpose birds for our family mortality rate also try them! Doing this and being butchered in less than most standard breeds s and hope for the information!!... Inc. Prices were current at the store bought, in my sizing eye when they have a rooster. Difference was just the amount of meat available on our website the and. First bird never make it to the fact that they help provide our flock with “?... Rates have changed dramatically over the years roasters even if I didn white rock chicken for meat t know yet what we going... M sorry, I tell ya Blain ’ s not a recent post, so they will the! Range chicken farming in general will stash that info away into the original mix of arriving at too. Grow up foraging for food condemning me and have had comments on other from! 5 years ago the tender Cornish X Rock hybrids: Almost all chickens sold for raising meat bit of large! Growth and size will slow ago to 40acres who had only seen a “ Brush Hog.! But separated either male or female in the summer, there are some kind of freak course is...

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