Don’t Cut Your Marketing Right Now (And Here’s Why)


The times right now are unsure. It can be tempting to limit expenditures as much as possible. And, while that may be true for certain things: this is not the time to cut marketing.

Failing to market right now means that your business problems will last well beyond the current pandemic and crisis. 

This is because marketing is repetition. You need to make the same idea, name, logo, known until it’s automatic.

Let me demonstrate. Say you want to buy a fast-food burger. What was the first place you thought of when I said that? I bet you can name things on their menu, their slogan, and see in your mind’s eye what their branding looks like. That’s not just because you have a good memory, even if you do. You thought of them first, because they marketed well.

In one moment, given two options, them and someone else, you pick the one you instinctually recall. This works on ordering apps and grocery stores. It works with car insurance; it works with banking services.

And to stay in someone’s mind, you need to stay present in their lives. Unlike a rock band that someone listens to daily, if you are a business that sells something that’s inherently somewhat interchangeable, you must remain mentally relevant. There’s always competition, almost nothing is unique enough anymore to self-market.

When the economy gets better, when people are back outside, buying things like they used to, they will think for maybe a few seconds about who they will use for each service, each product, before they make a purchasing decision. And you can’t afford to not be that first choice.

So cut what you must cut. Limit what you must limit. But don’t let it be marketing. 

Never let it be marketing.