Don’t Get Distracted By These Things


If you’re reading this, then you are likely an innovator, a self-starter, a person who always approaches business with a feeling of creativity and self-expression. 

And you probably are always on the look-out for the next amazing marketing trick. The next avenue of untapped potential you can nimbly jump on and make a lot of money.

And that’s amazing. Keep that mindset. 

But know one hurdle: don’t abandon what you know works.

Remember that no matter how fancy technology gets, you are ultimately selling to people. You are, as a business and an inventor and a moneymaker, here to fix a problem(s) for your customer. You create a product that handles something for people and then you get it in front of who would want it. 

Email was the king of this. Now, PPC and social media might be the top dogs, but that’s determined by you, and by testing and data. You have to do what is proven to work for you. Don’t dive into the tactics of some random guru online who can’t prove their experience. Test what they say, if it sounds reasonable, but data and earned knowledge is something precious—don’t waste that resource. 

Remember, if a plan was producing sales before, it shouldn’t just stop suddenly. Unless something strange and drastic happened in the outside world, proven tactics don’t just dry up overnight. 

Email marketing, for instance, still does actually work. Don’t think it doesn’t. Lead generation still works. Word of mouth still works. Data beats gut feeling, at least with something as mathematically consistent as money. 

Business can be complicated. Don’t complicate it further. Make informed, measured choices, and you’ll go far. I know new is exciting—it’s also untested.


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