How Storytelling Sells Your Product

Never underestimate the power of good storytelling. Stories are memorable, they are easily passed from listener to listener, and they can influence actions on a wide scale.

If you can tell a story with your product, then you’re powerful.

Stories can be large, planned things or small moments. The story of a recipe passed down the ages, or a simple moment of a product saving the day are still stories.

And stories bypass most internal barriers. 

People buy on emotion more often than logic, and stories are nothing if not evoking emotion. 

I can’t think of many people without a happy memory associated with chocolate, can you? So, is it any wonder that commercials for it target happiness, playfulness, decadence, or relaxation?

When selling something, you are really selling three things. You are selling your brand, so they will buy from you again. You are selling your product, which is what they think they want. And you are selling a feeling or an idea, which is what they really want.

Peace of mind, calm, easement of burden, or fun. That’s the kind of thing you’re selling. Tell a story that evokes that. Tell a story that proves your product can deliver it. 

Then it’s a promise.

Keep that promise, and you will find yourself with loyal customers.