specification for highway works series 600 volume 2

Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works (MCHW 1) General The user’s attention is drawn to the following note which has been abstracted from Implementing Standard SD 1/20 Amendment No. TII Publications CC-SPW-00500 Specification for Road Works Series 500 - Drainage and Service Ducts March 2015 3 14. This is especially true of highway design and construction in the UK. for Highway Works, Volume 1 Specifications for Highways Works Version Date Change log Author Reviewed Authorised 0 19th Feb 2016 1st Issue MA IT TB 3 ˇ ˆ 5HFHLYHG ˇ Specification Appendices Series 600 Doc. Earthworks. Highway Safety Design Standards Manuals: Part 1 – Road Safety Design Manual and Part 2 – Road Signs and Pavement Markings Manual. 1993 Return to top of page. The Specification referred to in the Tender shall be the 'Specification for Highway Works', published by The Stationery Office (formerly HMSO) as Volume 1 of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, as modified and extended by the following: Volume 3, Highway Construction Details, contains the standard drawings for use in the S11.2 Street furniture and special features 93 S11.3 Traffic sensors, etc. (1998 consolidated version - includes Amendments dated May and August 2001 and November 2003) Publication Year 1998 MCHW Volume 1 Specification for highway works (SHW). NOTE 2 The content of the SHW [ 1 ] is updated on a regular basis by the Highways Agency. The earthworks specification 1115 75.2 Compaction 1124 75.3 Compaction plant 1128 75.4 Control of earthworks 1130 75.5 Compliance testing of earthworks 1132 75.6 Managing and controlling specific materials 1135 75.7 1) Department of Transport, Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 1, Specification of Highway Works, Series 600 - Earthworks. Series 600 … These guidelines may be British or European Standards or two very important suites of documents that overarch these Standards: the Design manual for roads and bridges (Highways Agency, 2010) and the Manual of contract documents for highway works (Highways Agency, 2009). 2.1 Volume 0 Introduction to the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works 2.2 Volume 1 – Specification for Highway Works 2.3 Volume 2 – Notes for Guidance on the Specifications for Highway Works 2.4 Volume 3 2.5 Specification for Road Works Series 800 - Road Pavements - Unbound and Cement Bound Mixtures CC-SPW-00800 March 2013 Standards Construction &CC CommissioningTRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IRELAND (TII e-mail: D.G.Toll@Durham.ac.uk . Earthworks (Series 600) 7.1. "The Specification for earthworks shall be Series 600 of the Specification for Highway Works dated 20xx"). 2 VOLUME ONE The UK Department of Transport (DTp) Specification for Highway Works (SHW) has become a standard component of UK highway contracts since its introduction in 1951. Drainage and service ducts. THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT SPECIFICATION FOR HIGHWAY WORKS TABLE 6/4 : METHOD COMPACTION FOR EARTHWORKS MATERIALS : PLANT AND METHODS TYPES OF COMPACTION CATEGORY BOMAG MODEL METHOD 1 METHOD 2 METHOD 3 METHOD 4 METHOD 5 METHOD 6 Earthworks. The relevant publication date of each page of the Method of Measurement for Highway Works is given in the Schedule of Pages and RelevantDates. Volume 1 Series 1700 Specifications for Road Works Structural Concrete November 2011 2 STRUCTURAL CONCRETE 1701 Concrete - General for LA Specification of Concrete 1 Concrete shall conform to the requirements of BS 93 S11.4 Water-related matters 93 S11.5 Ironwork and apparatus 94 S11.6 Test holes 97 S12 Remedial works 98 S12.1 General 98 S12.2 … (March 1998 consolidated version - includes Amendment dated May 2001, November 2002 and August and November 2003 and May and November 2004 1 of Volume 4 of the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works. Appendix 6/1: Acceptability & Testing (March 1998 consolidated version - includes Amendment dated May 2001, February and November 2003, May and November 2004 and MCHW Volume 2 Series NG 600 Notes for guidance on the specification for highway works. MCHW Volume 1 Series 500 Specification for highway works. Volume 2 Series NG 1600 Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Road Works Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls December 32010 tighter tolerances are to be attained. MCHW Volume 1 Series 600 Specification for highway works. Specification for S38/S278 Highway Surfacing P9464/H119/F ALL EXTERNAL WORKS TO BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE HIGHWAYS AGENCY SPECIFICATION FOR HIGHWAY WORKS (SHW) Casting tolerances of bored piles above cut-off level the Specification for Highway Works (SHW) Series 600 Earthworks Priorto laying All proposed fill material shall be classified in accordance with the SHW Series 600 clause 601 Table 6/1 The following tests are required: (March 1998 updated with amendments including November 2005, May and November 2006 and May and November 2007 and May, August and November 2008 and May Volume 2 Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Highway Works Series NG 300 Fencing 10 (05101) If the fence is to be secured against rabbitsand/or badgers, the method should be described in Appendix 3/1, together with the Volume 2 contains the Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Highway Works, with 26 series corresponding to the topics in volume 1. In addition, it details how the individual items which form the works are to be measured and paid This book brings together in an accessible form the requirements of the SHW, advice from the Notes for Guidance and other background documentation, and links these to the rules of measurement. Roads in Hertfordshire: Highway Design Guide 3rd Edition Section 5 – The Specification for Highway Work Contents 3rd Edition – Version 1 – January 2011 2 7. SPEC PAGE 2 THURROCK COUNCIL SPECIFICATION FOR HIGHWAY WORKS SCHEDULE OF PAGES AND RELEVANT PUBLICATION DATES Series/Appendix Page Number Publication Date 000 1 to 3 May 2014 000 4 For further information on the various physical and chemical testing requirements for Any earthworks shall be undertaken in general accordance with the guidance in Celtest can help you with testing your materials for compliance against the Standards for Highway Works (SHW) – Series 600. Specification for Highway Works Series 600 NG Volume 2 of the MCHW, Notes for Guidance on the Specification for Highway Works , gives advice in implementing the SHW. Volume 4 is entitled Bills of Quantities for Highway Works and dictates how Bills of Quantities are to be prepared for such works. publication “Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works, Series 600: Earthworks, 1998 Edition incorporating amendments up to … Highway Works (MCHW) Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works (SHW), Series 600 Earthworks, February 2016, (or latest revisions thereof). Page 24, Sub-clause 515.3 Delete text ‘514.4’ from the first line of the first paragraph and insert text ‘514 ‘Specification for Highway Works’ (SHW), Volume 1 of the Highways Agency’s Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (ISBN 0 11 552586 6), current at the time of completion of the S38, S278, or similar Agreement. 2: Within this standard references to the SHW are undated throughout, and consideration was given to the content of the SHW at the time of preparation of this standard.

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