It’s Not A Loss Of Money


I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the adage is true, and you really must spend money to make money. Even the act of driving to work costs you some money. 

It’s unavoidable. 

But that’s not a bad thing. 

Because once using money is intrinsic to your plan, you can start to play the real game: making more than it costs. New businesses might have gold in their eyes but even some of
the most successful stores in the world don’t really have that extreme of a percentage in terms of ROI. 

Starting a business is a game of inches and you might even flat lose some money initially, but that’s the price for the chance to succeed. 

The other price is math. A lot of people might not like math, but if your business is not making more than it spends then something is desperately wrong, and you’ll feel the
impending issues quickly. 

So, going in, going forward, when you start a new business, realize that you might have to put money into it well before it spits out more, and to make plans for how you’ll manage
that, how much you’re willing to lose, and realistically how much money
you’d expect to make. It’s all well and good to start a business with
intentions like “to be my own boss” and “to make some extra money” but unless
you make a plan for how that’s going to work, your new boss is going to be
damage control.

So, spend some money, do some research, and plan and work hard until it’s even more than you spent.