Welcome To Marketing


Marketing is an ART FORM. It’s an art form that uses a wide variety of tools. Tools that those inexperienced with the art might not consider related to marketing. And like an artist’s brush, it is only as good as the hand, or more correctly the mind, that wields it.

The fact is… marketing is everywhere. It runs throughout any business, any organization, and even in any person who wishes to sell their services – as an employee for example – for money. It is inextricable Without it done well, you decline and eventually fail.

Most people, entrepreneurs included, think that marketing is PROMOTION. It is not. They think it’s ADVERTISING. It is not. Branding? No. Marketing contains all of these things as part of its overall function, but they are not marketing in its entirety. Those who do marketing well understand this. Those that don’t… well, you know the answer to that.

The articles on this site will focus on marketing as it applies to and can be used in every area of any business – from the board room to accounting to the showroom floor and every area in between.

Welcome to Napkin to Success.