What You Need To Get From As Many Customers As Possible


I want you to take a small mental journey with me. 

It will illuminate some truths, I promise.

Let’s say you did some market research and found a group that needed your product. You knew, in your heart of hearts, that you could help them with this product.

And so, after making the rounds, you found that some bought from you, and some declined.

So far so normal—but what do you do when you release a second product that’s in the same vein?  

Can you use the same group? 

Sure, you made some fans, converts, and such, and those people will be happy to buy the next product. You made a good enough product to be trusted, yes?

But what about diminishing returns? Hit the same group repeatedly, no matter how good the product, and it will work less. 

And it’s not that some hold outs won’t convert or become interested later, it’s that you can’t keep stomping on the same places. 

What you need is more leads.

The world always has more people. There’s always someone new that can benefit from your products. That’s not the issue. Never think you’ve run out of people who’ll buy.

But how do you find them?

Well, we can pay for the privilege, and we likely will.

Did you read our recent article about how you can give away free things and then make money? 

Here’s another facet of that method.

Your customers (or future customers) always have a few things. They have a problem they need help with, and they likely have an email.

And, if you put a free solution to the first somewhere prominent, you can get the second. 

And that email is potent because it is direct. It’s to the person, not displayed somewhere as an advertisement. 

By giving away something for free, you’re paying for more powerful marketing.

You’re investing. 

So, get their email. Offer whatever you can afford to offer to get it. No matter how good a product is, it needs customers to buy them.