What You’re Doing RIGHT NOW That’s Slowing You Down

The market decides whether your product is good. They decide it by buying it, or engaging with it, or how they review it on various sites. This is true if you run pest control, if you intend to sell supplements online, or if you consult for local businesses. You bring a product to people, and then you see if they like it.

And here’s the crucial thing: you can’t be sure what they’ll think until the product hits the market. Sure, you can—and absolutely should—get testers to try it out before you put too much money into the project, but you still won’t know the full outcome until it happens.

You can hem and haw and worry and wonder if what you’ve done is enough—if you did enough market research and ran the right numbers. You can ponder the outcomes all day, but you won’t know until you release. 

Now, you might object. You need another month of testing. You have to make sure this or that is perfect. But do you? Sometimes there is more to do, but often, there’s not. Are you positive you’re not just afraid? Are you confident you’re not just nervous, procrastinating, or worried about crashing and burning? Delays feel more excusable than simple fear—so people invent delays. 

Well, sorry, but inaction brings failure much quicker. It’s guaranteed to fail. At least you have a chance once you release. You have to launch to see the stars. 

Also, business is not all or nothing. You can reiterate. You can fix based on feedback. You can make a better next product. Plan to do so—no one gets it right first try, no matter how much pre-planning goes into the thing.

To be an entrepreneur, you embrace risk. Get used to that now. Be confident within it. That’s the only way to succeed.