Yes, Customer Service Is That Important

A customer comes in, uses your bathroom, talks loudly, and then buys $2 in products, and, then, later complains the product is not useable—when it obviously has been used for its intended purpose—and wants a full refund. What’s the thing to do?

You give him a full refund with a smile.

As much as tempers may flare from it, your sales are done by your customers, and one disgruntled customer, in the internet age, can ruin you. They can cause massive havoc for you.

So, don’t risk it. Don’t piss off a customer.

And, if that’s not a good enough reason for you, think about this: you never know. You honestly never do. Go above and beyond, and you might gain a lifetime customer. A company doesn’t need a million disinterested “supporters,” it needs just a group of people that trust you, that use you, that respect your work and value you enough to pay fairly, even if others try to undercut.

Kindness often makes people kind. And a customer that is kind to you is something invaluable to your business. People have bad days.

Make their day better, sincerely, and they might just pay it back in spades.