You Got To Have Faith


Impatience is not for the businessperson. It is the opposite of the whole endeavor. While the wait may seem infuriating, you must build up your business, and there are no shortcuts. If you have an idea, something new you want to bring to the market, only you and a few others are going to have faith in it.

That’s the nature of starting off and the nature of growing. You can’t usually hire someone to handle stuff right away—it’s all you for the first while.

Even if there’s an aspect or necessary task related to the business you’ve chosen that seems “beneath you” or is simply not something you know how to do, you must do it anyway. It’s just you. You must learn—and be willing to face—every aspect of the work you don’t like and get it done.

Businesses can sometimes take a while to even make a profit. That’s where faith comes in—that’s where it matters. Whether an endeavor fails or succeeds, whether a business dies or thrives, it must start with confidence, but also a willing heart to play the long game. To work your way up through losses and apply creativity everywhere you can to make your business function and flourish.

This website is here to teach you and help you—but it’s up to you to put forth the effort required to make yourself into the entrepreneur or business owner you always wanted to be.

No magic bullets, just techniques that need to be applied and a lot of work ahead of you.

But it is worth it.

So, get on it now.